Last Call: See Innovative Residential Design, Earn Learning Units, Tickets are on Sliding Scale

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The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Institute of Architects edition | September 3, 2020
Last Call
Learn About Residential Innovation and…
Hear the Story of Launching a Firm in a Tropical Country
Wednesday, September 9, 2020 | 4:00P – 5:00P | 1 LU | Sliding Scale Tickets
Residential Innovation
Inverse Project, an emerging firm in Costa Rica, is re-thinking the use of exterior space of residential towers in their new work: Inverse Tower. If you’re an innovator or work in the residential typology take this program offered on a sliding scale basis.
Dream About Launching A Firm in Another Country?
Discover the story of Inverse Project founder Richard Hammond, AIA. Born in Zimbabwe, Hammond spent the better part of two decades in Los Angeles before moving to Costa Rica to launch Gensler’s office there. In Costa Rica he met Daniela Hammond, who gave him reason not to leave. Together they founded their Costa Rican firm, Inverse Project, and of course designed their own home. edition